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MINNEAPOLIS —APRIL 13, 2023 —TIME has named Sean Sherman, award-winning chef and advocate for Indigenous foodways, to the 2023 TIME 100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, is a leader in the movement to revitalize Indigenous food systems. A founder of the non-profit NĀTIFS — North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems — Sherman leads a team of culinary staff, educators, and advocates creating resources crucial to the movement. NĀTIFS collects and disseminates knowledge of Indigenous foodsystems including agriculture, culinary, ethnobotany and more, serves as a point of connection for individuals and organizations interested in Native food culture and Native food sovereignty, and advocates for Indigenous foodways at a policy level.

“I am thrilled to accept this honor on behalf of my ancestors, who lived in balance with the natural world,” said Sherman. “For generations, they nourished themselves with the bounty of the land where we lived, and we thrived. The foodways that sustained our Indigenous ancestors have the potential to rebalance and heal our bodies, weave connections within our communities, and bring harmony to our relationship with the planet. The cultural knowledge our ancestors left behind is a gift to us, one I am committed to recovering and sharing for the benefit of generations to come.”

The mission of building a new Indigenous food economy calls for new resources, leading Sherman to establish the first NĀTIFS Indigenous Food Lab in Minneapolis, a culinary training, development and support center. His restaurant Owamni is dedicated to decolonized cuisine, and was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as the best New Restaurant in America in 2022. Sherman was also nominated for Best Chef: Midwest that same year. In 2017, he published The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, which won the James Beard Award for Best New Cookbook in 2018. The cookbook showcases Chef Sean’s philosophy on reclaiming Indigenous foods in a modern context. Sherman also won the prestigious James Beard Leadership award in 2019.

The TIME 100 list, now in its twentieth year, recognizes the impact, innovation and achievement of the world’s most influential individuals. The full list and related tributes appear in the April 24 issue of TIME, available on newsstands on Friday, April 14, and now at Follow @TIME for updates about the list on Twitter and Instagram and at

Chef Sean Sherman is an award-winning chef, educator, author and Indigenous food advocate and activist. As a member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, his mission centers on the revitalization of Indigenous food systems worldwide, raising awareness about the cultural and health benefits of Native American and other traditional cuisines. He is a founder of the nonprofit NĀTIFS (North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems), which works to restore and nurture Indigenous food systems across North America, and its premier project, the Indigenous Food Lab, which aims to improve health and increase wealth in tribal communities. Through his passionate activism and advocacy, Sherman is helping to reclaim and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Indigenous communities around the world. For more, visit